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Practices in: Performance Analysis, Cybersecurity & Special Projects


Performance Analysis

Slow server response times? Excessive AWS bills? Unexplained pauses? If you need to run faster, use less memory, fewer servers we can help: experts in software performance measurement, analysis and optimization.
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Thinking about security practices in your software and operations? We help our clients achieve and maintain “industry best practice” through code inspection, deployed systems review and training, performed by experienced developers.
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Special Projects

Looking for a turnkey team to get to work at short notice? Whether it’s an urgent new feature for your existing product, a brand new MVP, or a key proof of concept demonstration, we like to be challenged with our clients’ special projects.
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Software Performance Analysis and Optimization

Our team has spent a lifetime measuring, analyzing and optimizing software performance. We usually code in C/C++, Java, Python, Golang and Javascript but other languages can be accommodated. We’ll tackle projects at the micro, process, system and cluster scales. Whether your application is cloud hosted at AWS, Azure or GCP, run on-premises, mobile or IoT and whether the problem seems to be in the L1 cache, in your database or to do with network latency, our consultants are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work solving it.

Software Security and Privacy Consulting

Recent headline-making customer data breaches have focused attention on security errors made in the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of online services. Often these breaches are found to be the result of not following industry best practices for security and privacy. Our Cybersecurity consultants, all experienced software developers, help our clients meet or exceed current standards with: code inspection, operations review, remediation projects and migration of legacy systems to modern cloud infrastructure.

Special Projects

The Special Projects Group is always ready to talk about how we can help when you need an extra feature, prototype, proof of concept or deep-dive investigation done. When in-house developers are committed to other work, or you’re looking for an outside perspective, or seeking specific domain expertise. We have experienced in-house engineers and a network of specialist contractors available. Completed projects include: a sentiment analysis system from Twitter and Facebook data; a bare-metal OS provisioning system for a cloud provider; an Outlook-compatible meeting invitation engine; bringing alive vintage computing systems for patent litigation; a big-data analytics system and associated geographic data visualization front-end.